Alexa news-flash scripts for New Zealand

In you'll find the alexa scripts which you can set as the feed source in the Amazon developer settings.

The same files are in the source directory but not interpreted, i.e. so you view the source code.

Setting up a feed for your Alexa:

  1. Register for a free developer account on
  2. Click Alexa->Alexa skills kit
  3. Click "Add a new skill"
  4. Click "Flash briefing skill API"
  5. Fill in each of the stages up to testing. For the news feed, you'll need a file hosted somewhere that returns the appropriate json data. The amazon documentation gives you an example of what you need.
  6. Click "Yes" for start testing this skill.
  7. Go to the alexa app (or and click skills. In the top right, click "Your skills" and search for the name you entered at step 5.
  8. Click on the skill and then click "Enable"
  9. Then go to settings->flash briefing and enable it.

About the feeds